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Cloud Storage & Online Backup

Anytime, anywhere access to your data, increasing productivity and getting more value out of your data. Cloud Storage brings you a secure, cloud-based solution for storing, managing, and sharing data in any file format.

Why our cloud hosting?

  • Access your data using a wide variety of methods and devices, including our native Windows® client or WebDAV access (Windows, Mac and Linux), our rich Web 2.0 client, or using your mobile device.
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues, family members, or friends through easy to use, advanced public and private file sharing tools that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Data is safely stored and integrates with industry-leading technologies-including FTP/NAS, iSCSI, EVault, and others-into to provide a unified storage environment and ultimate level of security and reliability.
  • Data security and control using encryption for each stored file with SSL encryption for files in transit.
  • Files for any type and size can be uploaded, stored and instantly shared, including PDF, images, videos, music and more.