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TrioERP® is a resource planning and management system designed and developed on a software platform that allows for the flexible and rapid development of all operations without the need to refer to the company implementing the system, except in very complex and advanced cases.

It serves all segments from small companies and institutions to organizations with thousands of employees through the desktop computer, browser, mobile phone and tablet.

Continuous development

It serves all departments in the event that development and expansion of the system to other departments is considered

It expands to all segments, from small companies and institutions to organizations with thousands of companies and workers, with the ability to develop mobile and computer systems.

Ease of development through the system editor, which designs the following points without the need for programming:

Email alerts and text messages                                                 screen designer

Documents and attachments                                                    Report Designer

Feedback and communication between users                       smart pointers

Language Department                                                                validities

Connectivity with external systems                                         Internal regulations   

workflow diagram

Activating the system within the scope of work:

  • Stage stations
  1. Receive private files from the customer
  2. Development of documents and reports
  3. Building an electronic system 
  4. Testing, examining and equipping the system 
  • Stage outputs

As needed by the client, the following outputs will be worked on:

Accounting (TrioLight Financial):

  1. Chart Of Accounts.
  2. Ledger Journal 
  3. Ledger Tax
  4. Banks.
  5. Custody.
  6. Cashiers.
  7. Fixed Assets .